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While observing Red Ribbon Week in the schools, Bridgeport Grade School welcomed Officer Kody Waggoner from the police department in Vincennes with “Canine Sara.” The two-year old Czech-born German Shepherd is Waggoner’s partner in crime-fighting. She is trained in detecting drugs and currency. She is also capable of aggressive behavior to assist in arrests. Officer Waggoner gives her verbal commands in the Czech language. (Photo by Barbara E. Allender)

Grown-ups sought for Night Owls Spelling Bee
  The best adult spellers are being sought to participate in a fundraiser for a local tutoring program.
   Night Owls Grown-Up Spelling Bee and fundraiser will be from 6 “ 9:30 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 19 at Parkside Elementary School in Lawrenceville. One hundred percent of the proceeds from this event will be used for the Night Owls tutoring program which helps children with their reading and math skills and provides homework assistance during the school year every Tuesday and Thursday. The cost of the program is $300 per year per student and serves a minimum of 50 students per school year. That is $12.50 per week.
Red Hill talks insurance, finances
  News that shed more light on an ongoing discussion between the administration and the Red Hill Education Association was brought to the attention of the Unit 10 School Board at its monthly meeting, Thursday night.
   Union representative Amy Baker told the board and a large group of teachers and supporters in attendance that the RHEA had found a “serious error” in calculations associated with insurance provision costs being covered by the district.
County shows deficit budget
  By Barbara E. Allender
   The Lawrence County Board approved its tentative budget for the 2017 fiscal year, December 1, 2016 - November 30, 2017.
   The budget shows a projected deficit of $131,269.  While expenditures are estimated at $2,712,629 and revenues at $2,731,360., an additional expenditure of $150,000 was figured into the budget. That money is being transferred out of its coffers to be applied to E911.

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